Don't tell mum, but...

The latest range of slogan printed t-shirts were inspired by some of the things my sister and I used to say when we were in trouble. Inevitably I always got the blame, even tho 99.99% of the time it was absolutely my sisters fault.

Much like the original "I'm Fine!" t-shirt, these nifty little numbers can be deployed instead of long-winded and rambling excuses. Think of them as wearing a Get Out Of Jail Free card that you can use to defend yourself in any social situation in which blame must be attributed.

For ultimate kudos though, you should wear this when you and your siblings take your mum out on Mother's Day; much like a superheros cape it will defend you from all of their jealous onslaughts, and maybe even absolve you of past misdemeanors of which you were wrongfully accused of and punished for. When paired with that fabulously unique bag you got your mum (from our wonderful selection) it'll be impossible for any brother or sister to dethrone you as *whisper it* The Favourite.

OK, so admittedly these t-shirts are probably more for you than they are for your mum, but fear not because I promise that there are plenty of mum-delighting things to be found at Skint!

You could play it safe with the always popular scarf, I should know, I've bought my mum plenty and no matter how many she has (a lot, like, really, really, really a lot!) there is always room for one more.

Or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous you could surprise (and delight) your mum with a gift that shows how well you know her.

If your mum loves to cook then she'll definitely be stirred by this cute bound hardcover notebook adorned with colourful little knives.

Maybe your mum is a keen sewist (sewer just doesn't sound right to me!) and is always there with a needle and thread, if so then the button print purse will have her in stitches.

Did someone say George Michael? Is there anyone's mum that doesn't like George? But what if your mum is the biggest George Michael fan? Then you have Faith that these socks will make her feet want to dance and her heart want to sing!

Then again your mum might be a bit of a fashionista, and what every fashionable lady knows you need is a killer bag, and what could be better than one inspired by the leading lady of fashion, Coco Chanel.

But what if you're after something really special, something that says 'Thanks Mum, for everything' in a way that a bag or a scarf or a purse can't?

Of course, jewellery! I've not met a mum (or for that matter any girl) that doesn't love a new bit of sparkle. Seems like the perfect choice, but is it? If your mum is anything like mine she probably has a lot of jewellery (I mean maybe not as much as the scarves, but then again I'm not so sure) and sure she loves it all, and of course she would absolutely appreciate adding to the collection.

There can't be anything more special, personal and meaningful than jewellery can there?

Maybe there is though...

Maybe you could really shake things up this year and get your mum some original art.

Now that's truly unique.