Feel The Love

Hurrah, January is almost over, it's time to start looking forward to the rest of 2019.

And first up is Valentines Day.

This can be a great day or a terrible day. Maybe you're newly in love and the future is full of wild and wonderful possibilities. Maybe you're in a long (God has it really been that long) term relationship and it's just another day you have to tick off the couples to-do list. Maybe you're newly single and full of spite and bile for this ridiculously unnecessary day. Maybe your in the perfect relationship...with yourself.

All of these are great excuses to banish the January glums by buying an extravagant gift.

sweatshirt with stilettos on it

Tell that special person you've just started seeing that you really are soul-mates with a gift that demonstrates just how well you know them (nb, don't go overboard, that just makes you look like a crazy pyscho stalker).

Humor is key here, like this Pose-tastic stiletto adorned sweatshirt...

Show the person you've been with for years the reason why you've been with them for years and will be for all the ones to come.

And nothing says true love like a piece of original art (and hey, if things don't work out it's always a good investment!)

Celebrate your loathing for affairs of the heart, or any sort of affair and make a strong statement about your feelings towards...everything.

Everything is pointless, and you can let everyone know exactly how you feel with one of these fine slogan t-shirts.