International Artists Day

Art has been an important part of the human experience for almost as long as humans have existed. The first records of the world are not written in books, but are captured in paintings, sculptures; used by ancient people and tribes to mark crucial moments in their own personal histories. Art gives us a view of history in ways that written accounts cannot. Whether it’s revealing a style of dress worn in a period by the clothing worn in the painting, or the slight heresy’s hidden in some of the worlds most religious works, art can reveal a hidden or lost side of us to the present.

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

International Artists Day honors those creative souls that will leave a record of today for the future that can’t be captured in history books. The anguish and joy of the human soul is portrayed through the haunting tones of a melody, the violence and fury caught in a photograph, or the serene gaze of a statue staring off into eternity.

Art has been used to educate, to inspire, to decorate, to commemorate. It is propaganda, it is promotion, it is criticism, it is commentary. Art touches every aspect of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the music we listen to. The design of our homes, even our phones, have been inspired or influenced by art in some way.

It probably won't surprise anyone to know that my favourite artist is Andy Warhol. From the time I first became aware of his work I fell in love with it. He was the subject of my art history essay in school, and I even submitted an exam piece in his style (and I still have it).

There are so many artists, in so many different fields, whose work I admire. Painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers, product designers; they are create works that move people in different ways. Whether you love or hate a painting, design, building, shirt is almost irrelevant, the fact it elicits a response from you means it has fulfilled it's function as art.

How to Celebrate International Artist Day

The best way to celebrate International Artist Day is to support your local artists. If you’ve been looking for something to spruce up your living room or bedroom, then head out and find a unique piece that will bring life and personality to your home. IKEA is great for pots and pans, but the art you surround yourself with should make you feel something every time you look at it. And buying from an independent artist not only gives you something truly unique, but also helps support your local economy. Struggling artists appreciate your support much more than global retailers need it!