Let The Music Play

" Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically change your entire mood"

I'd live my entire life with my own personal soundtrack if I could. I can't think if any occasion where music isn't required. It can soothe you, excite you, console you, empower you and bring people together. I only with my enthusiasm for songs was matched by an ability to sing. Yeah, I can sing, everyone can sing, but I want to sing well, better than good. My singing is best enjoyed when you can't hear it. But that doesn't stop me singing.

It's no surprise that the ICON range (so far) consists completely of singers because they're also some of the people I most admire; mainly because I can't do what they do. It's also no surprise that music features so heavily in the collection because the collaboration between music and design is a long and strong one.

Now I could tell you that the LYRICS range was a planned extension of the ICON range, but it wasn't. To be completely honest I don't even know now what made me think of doing it, but I'm glad I did. There are so many lines from so many songs that can have so many meanings, especially when viewed in isolation.

Yellow T-shirt "Lost in music"

Who hasn't experienced that transcendental moment in a club when the beat drops on their favourite song and everything just comes together in one sublimely perfect moment, when you are completely and utterly "Lost In Music".

I don't have a favourite song, or a favourite singer, or even a favourite style of music. My tastes are wide and varied, although if I was pushed into a decision I'd have to say I'm a Disco-kid at heart. The songs featured in the LYRIC collection are just some of the songs that I either really like, or mean something special to me. Some of them are firm favourites, some remind me of a certain place and time, some remind me of certain special people. And these are just the first of many, there are a whole lot more waiting to be released. So enjoy!