Who knows what a Kokedama is?

I didn't, not until a few weeks ago. I was doing (my first!) Supermarket at The Argyle St Arches [if you haven't been yet you should go, it's great, I'll be doing a wee feature on it later in the month]. and was lucky enough to have the pitch beside Little Wild Thing

I'm not even going to try and explain what it is, I'll let Becky and her photos do that.

" Kokedama is Japanese for ‘Moss Ball’ and is a variant of Bonsai. It has become a popular way for people living in big cities without any outdoor garden space to create some greenery in the home in the form of a ‘String Garden’. Kokedama is made up of a plant that is wrapped in a special soil mix, moss, and string to create a potless plant - which makes for a unique piece of greenery without any plastic pots. Kokedamas look amazing when hung as a collection together from the ceiling, or sitting on one of our stands in the window. "

Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they're pretty smart as well. The balls can be placed in saucers or suspended with some twine or rope.

Caring for a Kokedama is slightly different to a potted plant. To tell when they need watering, you can feel the weight of them. If they feel light, it might time to water them, if they are heavy they are still full of water. To water them, you simply soak them in a sink of water for 5-10 minutes and then re-hang or place back on their stand. What could be easier?

So you might ask, what the hell does this have to do with bags and socks and cushion?

Well, after admiring the Kokedema and the Terraniums (more about these in a bit) I started chatting to Becky because I didn't know what they were and was intrigued by them. This led to a conversation about the massive Cheese plant my mum had when I was a kid. See, there was a stunning Cheese plant Kokedema and I wondered if it grew seeing as it was wrapped in a ball. If you want to know the answer why not pop over to the Little Wild Things Facebook page and ask - https://www.facebook.com/littlewildthingsglasgow/.

The Cheese plant was the clue. I got to thinking about the Cheese plant my mum had and how it never stopped growing, no matter how many cuttings my mum took and gave away. I even had one when I bought my first flat, and true to form it grew into a massive specimen. I loved the variations in the leaves and the greenness of the green of them. And so they inspired the Monstera deliciosa range. Monstera deliciosa being the 'proper' name for the more commonly called Swiss Cheese Plant.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, in this case a little bit of luck (getting the pitch next to Little Wild Things) and a random chat (with the lovely Becky) sparked a memory which led to a bit of internet scouring and the result is the a design that has almost as many possibilities as the Cheese Plant. So thank you Little Wild Things.

If you want to know more about the Kokedema's and Terranium's you can check them out here: